I do not know what to write

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

Today finally I went for a run on the beach in the morning. It has been many days since I did it last time. I did not manage to run the whole distance without a break but still I was much better than I was in the beginning when I started with running. Now it is summer and it is really nice to run and go for a swim in the morning. I should do it more often.

Apart from running I did some work. Then I went to the beach with a friend. Then I did some dance practice. And then in the evening I went to the gym. WOW !!! I realised how much I did today. Incredible ! But this is only possible because lately there is not so much work and I can dedicate my energy towards these activities. Otherwise I would not be able to do it. I am very pleased to see that I am capable of doing all these things. I had moments when I felt bad about myself that I am not doing all the things that I would like to do. But it is so clear to me that this affected by my work.

Now I finish this article and I will do my meditation exercise. I will repeat it here that I can see a clear difference in my thoughts. There is more clarity, purity and strength. And again this has to do with the point that I do not burn a lot of my energy in the treatments with my clients.

Tomorrow I have no appointments and I plan to start posting online my articles. This should be my main priority for the day and I hope to make a significant progress.


Written: 2018 - June - 07   Published: 2018 - June - 11      © Copyright - Greg Wiater