I do not know what to write

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

I am coming unto the calm waters. I should have more time for myself and my projects. Tomorrow I plan to catch up a lot with my JTL articles. I feel motivated to do it. I am not at the point when I have to push myself to do it. I want to do it and be done with it. Though I will need at least couple of days to do it. It really depends how busy I will be with work.

I do not know what else I could write.

OK... here is the point. Not long ago I received a negative rating on Google pages from one of my "CLIENTS". I put it in capital letters because the person that wrote the review and gave me bad rating was actually not my client. This is already a 2nd person in the last couple of weeks. I tried to get the answer from this persons why they gave me poor rating without being using my services but there is no response.

Here I have to bring another point, which most probably is related to this situation. Short before I got the rating from the first person I was contacted by a online advertising and SEO company. But I was not interested with their services as I was not convinced that this company is serious especially that I was contacted by them via phone and they were from India. I have nothing against India but still I have some bad experience with people from this country when it comes to business.

Anyway I suspect that these negative ratings came from this marketing company either as a revenge or they use this strategy to lower my rating to promote other business that decided to use their services. In any case I mention it here to show how fucked up it is that somebody ( marketing companies ) use the dirty tricks.


Written: 2018 - May - 31   Published: 2018 - June - 11      © Copyright - Greg Wiater