I do not know what to write

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

Today I had a day off and I went with a friend to the mountains. It's been a wonderful day as always when I go and spend time in the nature. I am pleased that I came to the point that I do it more often.

Apart from this I do not really know what else I could write.

Today I did not do exercises at home but I did trekking through the mountains and this was intensive enough.

I start to look at the point of contact with God / Life. I am not talking here about the god related to any religion. I am focused on the creator of the existence. We have somehow accepted that God is somewhere far away and unreachable. Well... we have been brainwashed to believe this and we have accepted this belief for granted.

Anyway this point with being unreachable is being bypassed by having special messengers ( priests, messiah, shamans etc. ). But what about if everybody could have a direct contact with the God / Creator ? And basically all that stands between this possibility to communicate directly with God is our belief that we need the messenger who by the way very often requires some kind of reward for his/her services.

So this is the point that I have been looking at lately and I am fascinated by it because I came to the conclusion that I should be able to talk with God directly just like I would talk with my father/mother !!! Of course somebody could ask what guarantee I have that God hears me ? Well... one thing is for sure... if somebody considers this possibility as absurd ( e.g because of the belief that we need the special messengers to have contact with God ) then I have no chance to convince them no matter what kind of proof I present to them.

Anyway I wanted to share in this article that I am looking at the point of direct communication with God - the Creator of the whole existence.


Written: 2018 - March - 15   Published: 2018 - June - 09      © Copyright - Greg Wiater