Update on my heart experiment

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

Lately ( in the last month ) I have been doing more cardio exercises. I started very slowly by running/jogging inside of my apartment for 10 min. Later I increased the interval to 15 min. sometimes I was doing it 2 or even 3 times a day when I did not have to work. Though there were few days when I did nothing as I was overloaded with work.

Last week I also started more intensive cardio exercises at the gym. Normally I do not like to do this type of exercises but now it starts to change slowly. I am able now to run faster and longer distances.

Now... is this effective in strengthening my heart ?

I am able to run faster and longer so it is obvious that my heart muscle must get stronger through this. But I cannot say it yet by looking at my ECG. The general values of the measurements are getting better and more stable but still the diagram of my heart is not showing any major improvements. The fact is also that I did my measurement in the evening and after the intensive gym workout and normally I do it in the morning. And thus the results are not fully comparable. Thus I will need to do the check in the morning to be able to say if there are no improvements.


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