Some questions and realizations about investing

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

The days are passing by and I am behind with posting online my articles. Well... I could say that I have a good reason for it because I am very busy at work but then I know that I could have done it and be free from it. Maybe the mistake lies in the point that I wait for the moment when I feel rested and I feel like I want to do it. I was couple of times close to this moment when I felt that I want to do it. But then something else came up and I did not do it. Anyway I see that this is becoming priority and soon I will have to find time to do it no matter how I feel about it.

What else ?

Hmmm... I do not know what to write about. Maybe this one ?!

Today I was looking at some stock ( on the stock market ) that went very quickly and very high up giving people high profit. Of course I would like to be one of these people. But I am not. Interestingly I bought some of these highly profitable stocks not long ago but I sold them in the beginning of the rise. I thought then that the rise was big enough and there must be a correction to the price. But there was not. Or maybe it was very minimal and then it continued to rise. Obviously there were some feelings of regret, sadness and disappointment. And of course there were these thoughts of.

"What if I did not sell it early ?".

The fact is that I sold it and I can only count how much money I could have made. Anyway today I asked myself the question of:

"Why I am not there counting the real money profits and I am only counting the money that I could have made if I did not sell it ?"

Then I also ask myself this question:

Constantly there are stocks moving up and there is an opportunity to invest and make profit. So why am I not there making the real profit ?


Written: 2017 - November - 14   Published: 2018 - June - 08      © Copyright - Greg Wiater

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