And the clearance in my life continues

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

Upps... and the clearance in my life continues. Today another colleague and friend of mine crashed. Well... by saying crash I mean that she started to show and justify that she has been hurt and now she has the right to leave without taking responsibility. This is so interesting to see how I can see with clarity this kind of emotional movements in people. I knew almost instantly that her outburst is an intent to blame others and push away the responsibility from her. I will try to have a conversation with my friend to find a solution but if she will try to insist that she has been hurt and through this defend that she is a victim then this conversation will not take place as she will find a good and justifiable excuse. This outburst of my friend is kind of normal because she felt like she is pushed to the wall and she cannot "buy more time" to postpone the moment of facing the reality. So now she decides to feel hurt and being a victim.

I have to also mention another situation with my other friend/colleague. In this particular case we did not have any conflicts or frictions but still she had a little accident through which she was hurt and she cannot work with me together for some time. And so she has taken herself out of the work on our common project.

I still have one friend with whom we are doing well. We have done already a lot of clearance in the past and I hope that here everything is going to stay ok.

I may not see yet clearly all the reasons of why this is happening. I know that I have somehow provoked this clearance by redirecting my goals and objectives in my life. And this redirection is simply taking away from my life the people and the situations that are not synchronized and not aligned with my new path. Thus I am at peace with all that is happening.


Written: 2017 - October - 26   Published: 2018 - June - 08      © Copyright - Greg Wiater