Temptation to do silly  things

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

So I am sitting in front of the computer. It is not that late yet and I have at least 3 hours before I go to bed. I do not really have anything to do apart from writing my JTL article. But I observe that I am sitting here and there is this temptation or desire to do something silly and waste some time on the computer. I have been doing this for quite long period of time and so there is no surprise that I want to continue doing it.

But what about if I decide not to do it ? What about if I decide not to fall into this pattern and instead I do something that would be constructive ?

Right in this moment there is nobody around me. There is nothing that would oblige or force me to do anything. There is only me in this moment. And I am facing the decision of what to do.

I realise that for many people this is a silly thing to even think about. But I see it as something very important for my whole life. Because I may decide to continue with wasting my time doing silly things justifying it that I have the right to have some rest after a busy day. Or I may decide to focus on dedicating the time and the energy towards my goals. Obviously this will take me closer towards reaching my goals and obviously in this way I will change my life.

So we want to make revolutions out there to remove stupid and corrupt politicians etc. because we believe that they are responsible for our misery.

But what about doing a mini revolution within ourselves and removing our stupid and silly destructive behavioral patterns ?!

Anyway... I decide to say thank you to the temptation for teaching me a lesson. And I push myself to do something else. Yes... I have to push myself because somehow I have allowed myself to see that doing silly things is something easy while doing something to reach my goals is difficult.

So this is the moment of making the decision and changing the history of my life !!!


Written: 2017 - October - 24   Published: 2018 - June - 08      © Copyright - Greg Wiater