Stirring up the ego

And so I had another day with conversation about the issue that got one of the colleagues in the team. Though I see that everything has been said ( sometimes even few times ) and the message still has not got through to this person. He is finding all new excuses to not see the reality and avoid the point of making a decision which would also be an important point of transformation in the life of this person.

In any case there will be no more conversations about this topic. As I said everything has been said and now came the time of making the decision. If this person does not make the decision soon then I will have to do it. Of course I will make the decision in the moment taking into consideration of what is best for all in the given situation.

Anyway... it is kind of annoying talking to people about the same issues time after time but then within this I can see and make some important realisations. And this week I have noticed that sometimes people inter into the state of mind in which they see things from completely different point - sometimes completely opposite to what they saw couple of minutes ago. And I can understand it. It is they allow themselves to give their power to the mind which takes over them. And then they cannot see the reality as all that they see is the reality of their mind. Literally they see illusions as something real.

Anyway I know what to do in the situation. I simply stat at the point of what is best fro all.

Now it is late so I'd better go to sleep.

To be continued...


Written: 2017 - March - 21   Published: 2017 - August - 24      © Copyright - Greg Wiater