Instability in the erection

How do I know that it is him who will have to learn and not me ?

Simple... I see clearly that he is not standing for what is best for all. And just in case that it is me who is mistaken then it will be me who will have to learn through pain. So basically we will see everything better when we walk our paths.

One thing is clear and that is that I will support him when I have clarity that my direct or indirect support is necessary.

Within this whole situation there was a very interesting point. Thus yesterday I analysed this whole situation and I have decided that I will visit my friend and I will communicate about my decision. But then I thought that he might be busy at work and I might not be able to speak with him anyway. And apart from this I thought that I can be much more effective in terms of utilising my time and simply stay at home and do my work on the computer because I knew that I will see my friend in the yoga class.

And so I did. Though it was interesting to see that in the evening in "total peace within myself" and I did not have any motivation or rush to speak with him. As a matter of fact I needed to push myself to do it. And so I tried but he could not stay longer after the class. Thus I ask him to call me after he finishes with his tasks.

He called me late at night and asked him the question that I described in the first article.

Now... We still have to meet one time to finish and close our common business venture. Though today I received a phone call from him but he did not ask me to come and close our business but instead he asked me to meet him for a conversation. I agreed to do it. I will listen to what he wants to say and I will make the final decision then. Though for now I see that cutting our contact for at least few weeks is going to be the best solution for all no matter what he says. We will have the conversation in 2 days because our agendas are busy.


Written: 2017 - March - 17   Published: 2017 - August - 24      © Copyright - Greg Wiater