Inner transformation through outer action

Today came up an interesting point. Thus I was talking with a friend about the pain in her body. She was complaining about it for few days and so I came up with the idea of looking deeper into it.

In my practice I use very often the kinesiology muscle testing and so I decided to use it also on her. Maybe it was just an intuition or maybe we could say that I tried something, which seemed to be the most probable cause of the problem based on my work experience. Anyway I decided to look into the emotions. And during the test there came the sadness. Knowing my friend a little bit more I knew that the sadness was really present in her life. Of course detecting the emotion is one thing but this does not explain at all how this sadness relates to the pain.

And so as a second step I started to ask my friend about how she can related to the sadness in her life. And there came a point of feeling useless in this world. I still did not know the relation of this "feeling useless" to the pain in the body but I knew that we are at least 1 step closer to the core of the problem.

And so I started to ask for explanation about the "feeling useless". I got the answer that she has got so much to share with other people and with the world but there is nobody to listen to her. Ok... this I can understand that people may not be ready to comprehend what she wants to transmit but still there came a very important point. Thus she told me that there were moments in her life when she knew how to share with others her natural and innocent expression but she did not do it because within her mind she saw it as not effective or something like this. And she repeated this thing few times in her life causing blockages in her expression as life, which after some time started to manifest itself as a pain and other symptoms.

To be continued...


Written: 2017 - March - 06   Published: 2017 - August - 24      © Copyright - Greg Wiater