Stirring up the ego

That was a very interesting day. I had a further conversation with the people who showed their ego this week and there were some interesting realisations coming up.

Thus one of the persons has clearly realised the point with the ego and has transformed it into the equality. The other person has showed intentions of transformation but I suspect that this has yet to happen.

So what is there that makes me to doubt ?

Well... the point is that during our conversation today it was shown clearly to us that we are interpreting the situation from 2 different points. I wrote an article in the past about it and now I see it clearly at play in this situation. I will clearly remind it here.

Thus it looks like 2 people are standing opposite each other at some distance and they are looking at an object which is exactly in the middle. Though one person says that the object is white and the other one says that it is black. The reason for this difference is that the reflection of the sun makes the object look white on one side while on the other side the shadow makes it look black. Obviously one person does not see it from his point of view what is on the other side and insists that the object is white while the other one insists that the object is black.

In this type of situations people have the tendency to go on a compromise and in our situation that would mean that these 2 people say the object is grey. None of them is really convinced to it because it is clear to them that the object at which they look at is white/black but in the attempt to avoid conflict ( for the "sake of peace" ) they come to the point when they decide to define the object as grey.

Now... whatever they decide ( in this case they decide that from now on they will say that the object is grey ) it does not change the fact that the object in reality is neither black nor white. We could try to find the solution to the conflict if these persons changed their positions and see with their own eyes how they perceive the object from the opposite point of view.

But still changing the position and looking at the object from other side would not reveal the real color of the object. And thus it would be better if both persons came closer to the object so that there is no influence of the sunlight.

To be continued...


Written: 2017 - March - 04   Published: 2017 - August - 24      © Copyright - Greg Wiater