Giving better than receiving

It is so interesting to see how the things change after making a realisation. It was just yesterday when I wanted to hide as I was listing to my friend pointing out to me certain issues within me. I know that my friend was telling me this things as a assistance to me and in good intention but still the truth of the words was making me to run away and hide. Having the experience of similar moments in the past I did not run but I stayed there.

I was also aware that after opening eyes to certain realizations there is a time till it gets fully assimilated in the body and my being and from there on I will create my life in different way.

As I said I know that it will take time to fully integrate it but still I can see some interesting changes in my life already today. I can see how the tension in my body has disappeared. I see how I am more relaxed and happy. I see how I am more empowered. I see how I stopped blaming others for my experience of tension in my tummy and I take responsibility for it. I also see how my change has also provoked and initiated the changes in my friend automatically.

Normally it would be good to do some self-forgiveness on the paper to clear all the points related to this topic of defining receiving as worse than giving. But I did not have time yesterday and I only did it by speaking it aloud and thus I will try to do it tomorrow or after tomorrow at the latest.

For now I am pleased and happy that I have made this realisation and the transformation although it was so uncomfortable to be in the moment when my friend was pointing it out the truth to me yesterday.

To be continued...


Written: 2017 - February - 23   Published: 2017 - August - 24      © Copyright - Greg Wiater