Is vegetarianism healthy ?

I did no plan to write more about the vegetarianism but it happened that I saw another case of a young person with health problems ( and it may be the beginning of something serious ) resulting most probably from poor nutrition related to vegetarianism. Of course I cannot say with certainty whether this is related directly and entirely to the wrong diet but then... seeing more people belonging to this group and presenting health problems then it is logical to stop doubting it and take it as a fact.

I repeat it again... I do not want to say that this is exclusively the consequence of vegetarian diet. But poor nutrition makes the body weaker and the health problems manifest quicker.

So what is the solution for this person ?

I will investigate with my methods the state of the body and where are the main blockages coming from. I will see whether it is possible to support and strengthen the body with natural methods. Then I will try to convince this person to try to eat meat for some time and see if this helps to strengthen the body. If the pain does not reduce significantly or disappear completely within the next 1-2 days then of course I will suggest to go and see the doctor.

I will not treat this person. I will only suggest to make some things which will strengthen the body which then can start a self-healing process.

My colleagues say - based on their experience - that treating a vegan or vegetarian ( who has got some disorders and health problems ) is almost impossible or the rehabilitation goes really slow. And some of them literally refuse to treat a person unless s/he starts to eat meat. And I guess that I will follow their suggestions in this regard.

To be continued...


Written: 2017 - February - 18   Published: 2017 - August - 24      © Copyright - Greg Wiater