Is vegetarianism healthy ?

Anyway I wanted to say something about the vegetarianism. Thus I do not want to say that vegetarianism is better or worse. I do not want to say it because there is no clear answer to it. It is simply that we can take 2 different persons and it will work for one of them but it will not work for the other one just because of the genetics or because of the lifestyle.

But still what I need to say is the many vegetarians make the decision about not eating meat just because they do not want to contribute to the suffering of animals being slaughtered in the farms etc. And that is perfectly fine. I stand for this point as well. But making the decision of not eating meat without really understanding the needs of the human body in terms of nutrition is irresponsible and silly.

Look... I know that a person can live well and healthy of vegetarian diet but if this person lives in the polluted city, having stressful job and poor quality of vegetarian food then this person will get sick sooner or later. And I have seen examples of vegetarians who were very kind and "warm-hearted" persons but unfortunately their bodies were weak and sick. And then the regeneration and healing process for vegetarians is going very slower or it is almost impossible simply because their body has no resources for proper functioning.

Another point with vegetarians is that they eat "healthy" salads, fruits etc. but still they have problem with overweight. And one reason for this is that they have problem with the uncontrolled desire for sweets and sugar. And this is simply because they don't get proper nutrition fro their diet and to get the necessary energy they crave for sugar ( quick energy ). And this sugar is also one of the main reasons for sickness as sugar depletes the minerals ( mainly calcium from the bones ) and secondly it makes ph acidic in the body.

So you'll see... if you decide to be a vegetarian make sure that you really study well the nutrition. And if you see that you have uncontrolled cravings for sugar or other foods then this is a clear sign that you are not doing it well.

To be continued...


Written: 2017 - February - 17   Published: 2017 - August - 24      © Copyright - Greg Wiater