Standing with my friend on the crossroad

Thus I have acted today as I said it yesterday. I had a conversation with my friend this morning. Though it did not go smooth and easy. During the conversation there came up some emotions and suppressed things. And I am very disappointed to hear it from a person whom I regarded as very highly developed personally. But it does not matter. I realise that sometimes we make mistakes and as long as we learn something from it and we find a constructive solution which is best for all then all is good.

Though in the case of my friend I still do not have a constructive solution. For now we will take 2-3 days off and we will try to talk again because right now the emotions disturb the clarity. In any case if my friend will not want to communicate with me and will not be willing to find a constructive solution then I will make a decision myself according to the principle of what is best of all.

How will I know that this will be the solution which is best for all ?
Well... this is not as difficult as you think. Best for all must be best for all and that's it. Though if you are really confused and if you do not know what to do then it is just a matter of learning it. And learning is a process in which sometimes we make mistakes but eventually we learn good and we are fluent in it.

And so for me it is easy now to make the decision. I have clarity and I know what I should do. And even if it happens that I make a mistake then well... I will need to correct it make a better decision in the future. As I said... right now I know what I need to do in regards to the conflict situation with my friend.

To be continued...


Written: 2017 - February - 03   Published: 2017 - August - 24      © Copyright - Greg Wiater