Doing remarkable thing

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

Today I had a moment of crash. I was a little bit frustrated because of the distractions which were keeping me from working on my project. I had a day off today and I hoped to do a lot of things but the things were not going too smoothly. Though I realise that this is my own fault. Yesterday I stayed up till late doing silly things on the computer and I woke up tired. I got up and I started to do the things but 2 of my friends needed help and so I helped them.

In the afternoon I got some short sleep and I got back to work on the computer. Though I was still frustrated because the things were going slow. Thus I decided to get a break. I went out to get some fresh air and have coffee. When I was there I asked myself again a question about the reason of me doing all of the things if there is nobody who would work with me and assist me. I cannot do everything myself in the end.

Anyway I calmed down because I realise that this "crisis" is only temporary and apart from this I have really fucked up last night. So I decided to go back home and focus on my project and avoid doing silly things.

And so I did it. I managed to get few things done and now I am back in my state of balance and empowered. And it is really interesting that when I get in contact with this inner power ( self empowerment ) I feel really cool. And I do not want to lose it anymore. I want to keep it all the time. And it is basically all up to me to keep it. I just need to stayed focused and keep doing my things 7 projects etc. Of course it is hard and difficult to do all by myself but then I know that planting the seeds is not always so easy. But later I will be able to enjoy the fruits of my work. And others as well... so I will continue doing it. In the end I do it for the best of all.

To be continued


Written: 2017 - January - 08   Published: 2017 - August - 24      © Copyright - Greg Wiater