Human's body energy field ( aura )

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We all know that our planet has its own electromagnetic field. It is simply like a magnet with its negative and positive poles. And so it is with the human body. Our body also has its own electromagnetic/energy field. Many think that this is some kind of illusion or fairy tale of people who meditate and look for spiritual enlightenment but the fact is that the scientists can actually measure this field with various instruments.

Look... whenever there is electricity running through the wires then we have also the electromagnetic field being generated around it. And the nerves in our body are like the wires conducting electricity. Without it your body would not function. But then this nervous ( electrical ) activity generates simultaneously an electromagnetic field. And because there are so many activities going on within every cell so our body is like an electric generator/battery with its own electromagnetic field. And although there is a lot of misconception and lies within the new age and spirituality movement we cannot completely deny the point that there is energy flowing through our body and - as I said before - it can be measured by the science.

This energy field around the body is not always constant. It is there but it changes, it moves, it spins etc. Just like the electromagnetic field around the earth. Some people will have stronger and others weaker energy field. And this can also be measured.

But we know it also without having access to any hi-tech scientific instruments. We feel that some people have strong energy and others don't. We may say that they have charisma or they are weak. When your boss comes angry to the office you feel the electric tension in the air. This is his electromagnetic field being charged up with strong energy of anger. And then you feel the difference very easy when you meet the person who is in love.

Whether you deny it or not ( within your mind ) the fact is that this electromagnetic field is there. And the quality and the strength of this field around your body will also go hand in hand with the quality of your health. If your energy is weak, then it means that it is stagnant, it is not harmonious/regular and you will also be sick or at least have the tendency to get sick easier than other people.

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Written: 2016 - December - 16   Published: 2017 - August - 20      © Copyright - Greg Wiater