Unnecessary suffering and consequences

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But then if he does not correct the points indicated above he will most probably end up on the surgeon's table who will do the hip and/or knee replacement. I do not want to say with absolute certainty that the operation will not make him any good. I have seen people with double hip and knee replacement and they are good and without pain. But what I want to point out here is that many of the operations could have been easily prevented and then we have also many people who regret that they decided to go through the surgery as they are much worse than they were before.

Anyway there are many people in this world who suffer unnecessarily. And what are the consequences of it ?

Well... we need more hospital, doctors, nurses etc. And there are a lot of unnecessary costs related to it like taking pain killers and other medicine. And then we also have consequences and costs related to side effects from the medicine being taken by the patients. And there is a lot of other direct and indirect consequences related to it. Something that could be prevented relatively easily turns into a series of serious consequences and costs.

Look... we do not need more hospitals and more doctors. We need to use common sense and logic and most probably we need to re-educate our doctors because they have got lost completely in what they are doing. They use the hi-tech equipment which allows them to look at the tiniest molecules in the body but within that they lose the big picture and so they are completely ineffective in what they are doing.

But within that remember that removing and taking away the suffering ( of the sick people ) is not the job and the responsibility of the doctors. They should help those who are sick and need assistance. But don't forget that quite often you are the one who puts yourself into the position when you suffer because of your ignorance and stupidity. Thus if you suffer then look first whether you can do something yourself to change it. Don't blame for it others ( including doctors ). In the end you are 100% responsible for it.


Written: 2015 - December - 13   Published: 2016 - March - 31      © Copyright 2015 - Greg Wiater