Fear of Syrians and other Muslims

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In the previous article I made a list of few points which an average European has in the mind about the Muslims. These points in a sense have a negative charge in them and so most of the Europeans look at the Muslims in a negative way. And so we may take it for granted and we may continue our life with the constant judgement of them or we may stop, look closer at these points and then make an appropriate decision about what to do based on the real facts.

1. Osama Bin Laden is the main figure, which is to blame for the "terrorist" attack on the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001. And this is what most of the world thinks ( thanks to the media ). But is it really true ? Well... there are opinions of various independent specials saying that this was an inside job. And if only most of the people looked at all of the videos on internet ( Youtube etc. ) talking about it then most probably most of these people would agree with the opinions of these independent specialists. Or at least these people would really question the story presented to us by the government and the media.

Anyway... as a result of what happened on Sep 11 and how it was presented by the media the day to day life of many Muslims has become a real nightmare as it was more difficult for this people to get a job or even sit in the coffee shop without angry looks of other people.

And this is really not fair simply because we judge all of the Muslims without even thinking for a second that not all of them are the same and not all of them want to commit suicide terrorist attack.

Now look... after the Sep 11, USA went to war in Afghanistan allegedly trying to find and kill Bin Laden. Eventually they did it but it took them many years to do it. But in all of these years US army has killed many, many innocent people ( including children ) with their drone bomb attacks. And so here I have a question:

What would you do if you lived your normal life, you were an honest and genuine person and then one day... boom... the drone attack mistakenly kills all of your family and destroys your house and everything what you have ?

What would you do then ?
Wouldn't you in despair try to take revenge ?
Wouldn't you in despair think of making a suicide attack to take a revenge ?

It is not that I support or accept this way of thinking and doing it but in despair people tend to have these thoughts of taking revenge. And because you would have lost everything and all your family then most probably you would not want to live anymore. But at least you would like to take a revenge in the form of suicide bomb attack especially because this is relatively easy thing to do in Afghanistan.

I say it again... I do not support or accept this way of thinking and doing. But try to understand the Muslims and why they are doing it. And then if you would like to do something about it, then try to persuade the USA ( or rather I should say those who stand behind it ) to stop the drone attacks and convince them to find - through communication and negotiations - a constructive solution which would be best for all. This is all possible but as long as you think of all of the Muslims as possible terrorist then you will never come to the point of trying to find with them a constructive solution.

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