Better life standard in Poland

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It is very curious that yesterday I started to write 1st part of my article about the life standard in Poland and about 2 hours later I met somebody who gave me information necessary to write next part of my article.

So yesterday I walked around the beautiful old city centre of Krakow and at some point I was approached by a man who asked me to buy him some food. He said that he does not want money but he would like me to buy him food. You'll know... I have been approached already before by somebody asking me for money and I wanted to ignore this man by pretending that I do not speak Polish. But he kept talking saying that he hasn't eaten since yesterday etc.

And so I decided to speak with him...

I asked him why he is without money. He told me that he has been in jail for 4.5 years and he has got out just couple of weeks ago. When he was released he went to his girlfriend. Unfortunately he found out that his girlfriend is not his girlfriend anymore. Well... I could understand it and I guess he did as well. 4.5 years is a long time and not many people would wait for so long for their partners.

Anyway he asked her to give him some money and the key to his apartment which he left with her when was sentenced to jail. And here he got a big surprise. His girlfriend which was accompanied by couple of friends gave him 800 zloty = 200 euro ( which is less than 1 month of the minimal income in Poland ) and told him to fuck off. Apparently she sold his apartment and took the money for herself.

In this situation he went to ask his other friends for help but nobody wanted to do anything for him. His friends and family did not want to know him. I do not know why he ended up in jail and maybe that was the reason why his family and friends don't want to know him. But still... was it a reason good enough to sell his apartment and completely turn theirs back on him ? Well... I cannot say anymore here because I have no more data. In any case this human being had no other choice but to go and sleep on the street.

To be continued



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