How I have prevented another war ?

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

So I will give you one example. At some point there was a conflict situation between 2 groups of people. This conflict and the tension was growing over the period of time until it reached a point when it was way too much handle it and somebody has decided to pull the trigger believing that he is absolutely right and justified to do so. He believed that he is stronger than the others and he did not expect that they will be able to respond. Well... he was mistaken and the others side - despite being weaker and smaller - had also enough of it all and it has decided to pull the trigger as well. And they were also believing that their action is absolutely justified explaining to themselves that the other side pulled the trigger first.

Today we have over 4 years of war in Syria. The number of killed people and the destruction is enormous. I was not in Syria to be able to say exactly how it all started but I know that there was some kind of tension and conflict which grew and eventually it turned into a civil war and nobody knows how much longer it will last.

And so the same scenario has repeated itself in many places around the world and throughout the history of humanity. We've had so many wars which always started with little conflicts that later turned into a war.

So let's get to the question about how I have prevented another war ?

As I have written in one of my articles about 4 months ago I have decided to start a business venture with couple of my friends. At the beginning all was literally a paradise. We were a good team complementing each other. The things were flowing smoothly and easy and we were going forward fast and steady.

Today the venture ( despite our noble goals ) has died. We decided to finish it as we cannot find a way to communicate and solve the problems. This is unpleasant and disappointing but well... this is the way it is in this moment.

To be continued


Written: 2015 - May - 18   Published: 2015 - June - 27      © Copyright 2015 - Greg Wiater