My day off

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

So it has been very long time since I had a day like this. I left my home last night and I went to sleep on the beach. Then the whole day I have been away from home also and I plan to sleep tonight outside as well - this time in the mountains.

It feel a little bit weird to do almost nothing but then I know that this will do good to me as I am slowing myself down within my mind and this "shocking" break of the routine will help me to look at my life, evaluate it and make some corrections if necessary.

As a matter of fact I should not write "if necessary" because I know that I my life ( especially the element of work and rest ) is not balanced and thus I must reorganize it and find the balance within it.

Also today I spoke with a friend of mine about the laws - especially those related to my job ( I have written article about it in the last couple of days ) - and I just realised how we are unbelievably stupid because these laws make our lives extremely difficult. As a matter of fact there is nothing wrong with the laws. They could be used for the best of all but unfortunately for the moment they are being used for the benefit of the few and they support abuse on a massive scale.

Well... I guess most of us know about it and it is just we do not realise and we are not really aware about the scale of this abuse. Anyway one day we should be able to change them but first we must get more people to wake up from the illusion of the mind, then we need to unite and act as one group acting and implementing new laws which will best for all.


Written: 2015 - May - 10   Published: 2015 - June - 25      © Copyright 2015 - Greg Wiater