Alcohol - good or bad ?

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

So here is the question whether the alcohol could support my process ?

Well... I do not really know. I have never tried it and thus I have no idea. I've heard a story about a person who was very much into spirituality, energy etc. and thus he used the alcohol to lower his frequencies at which his body was vibrating. He said that otherwise it was very difficult for him to go to place with many people ( e.g. shopping centres ) with lower vibrations. That was his explanation and it seems as if he was using alcohol with full awareness and consciousness and this was working for him.

Then there is also one point when it comes to alcohol ( and drugs ) and that is that when people are drunk they start to show what is suppressed within them. And so there is a possibility to use alcohol to expose what is hidden and suppressed within so that this person may work on it and free himself from it later. Obviously here it is necessary to have somebody to observe the behaviour of the drunk one and later point out what comes up while being drunk or otherwise this person would not remember anything.

So theoretically there is a possibility to use alcohol in one's own process. Though in my case I do not see it as something interesting for me in this moment and thus I will continue my life without alcohol. There are many people who see it as evil but then there are also people who see it as something positive ( fun, party, remedy to forget the problems, possibility to make good profit from it etc. ). Personally I will not judge it as bad but I won't either label it as good. I know that it is there and maybe one day I will investigate whether I can practically use it in my own process but for now this is not my path.


Written: 2015 - April - 16   Published: 2015 - June - 26      © Copyright 2015 - Greg Wiater