Pattern - Tiredness and mess in my house

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

Now... this is very interesting... The longer is the period of intensive work which goes together with the mess in my house the more uncomfortable I start to feel. But because I am tired and I have many responsibilities to do thus I do not clean it.

So let's continue... the feeling of discomfort and tiredness accumulate, which later affects my efficiency. And that means that I do less work but I am more tired. I do my work but at the same time I try to avoid it. In my case the most logical thing to do would be to take 1 or 2 days off and have a rest but I don't do it because I do not want to refuse appointment for my regular clients who come to the island only for few days. I do it because I hope that tomorrow nobody will call me and I can have a rest. But if somebody calls me then I have to wait another day or two.

Now... another important thing... Even though I have a lot of work and then I have to do my other responsibilities, it does not mean that I could not find some time during the day to do the cleaning because I have seen myself wasting a lot of time seating senselessly in front of the computer doing some silly things like playing games etc. which only adds further to my tiredness. I know that this is not good for me in that moment but I do it anyway and justify it by saying that I need to relax my mind by doing something different than my work.

Look... this is typical behavior when it comes to addictions - you know that something is not good for you but you find an excuse and you do it anyway.

To be continued


Written: 2014 - December - 20   Published: 2014 - December - 21      © Copyright 2014 - Greg Wiater