Taking care of others but ignoring myself

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

This situation with doing things for others is being generally regarded as a virtue.

But is it really ?

Well... yes and no... it really depends and thus we cannot give clear and straight forward answer. But there are certain situations when we can say that it is not.

Thus let's have a look at this example. One of my colleagues is the top specialist when it comes to dealing with pains and problems in the body. He is really effective with this and he helps many people. As he said this is his goal and his purpose in his life. And this is really cool but there is a "BUT" to it.

Look... he has had a car accident and as a result of it he has got quite a serious problem with his back and he is suffering with a lot of pain because of it. Although he suffers with a lot of pain he continues working a lot. If that was somebody else then he would treat this person and I am certain that he would help him/her. And as a part of the treatment and recovery he would also strictly forbid this person any kind of work and putting excessive stress on the body. But he does not do it for himself and as I said before he continues to work hard.

Now... I know that this is something that is really admired by most of the people because he sacrifices himself for others.

But is it really something worth admiration ?

Yes it is... but there is one thing that is not. Look... I do not know if it is possible to completely fix his problem and the damage caused by the accident. But I know that it is possible to improve his condition. And all that is needed is that he stops putting so much stress on his body, that he takes more rest and dedicates some time to do rehabilitation exercises. These exercises are not difficult and they would really help him. I know it because I have tested it with him and we have seen immediately an improvement. And you'll know what ? If he did these exercises and if he would make himself more fit than he would be bale to work on his goal to help people more effectively. This is obvious. And so this laziness and this ignorance of his body is the thing which is not worth admiration. In this matter he behaves like many of his patients. He tells them what to do to get better but then they don't do it because they have no time or because they are lazy. He has got a noble goal and he has got resources to make it real but he jeopardizes it by not taking care of himself although he could do it very easy. This is really fucked up.


Written: 2014 - November - 25   Published: 2014 - December - 07      © Copyright 2014 - Greg Wiater