Fascinated by the animals

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

I have already written a similar article about this topic but I am more and more fascinated about the animals. You'll know... I do not have any animals at home but I have Facebook account and I see on my wall quite often short videos showing the intelligence of the animals and also how they are taking care of us ( humans ). But this is not all. The animals can take care of abandoned baby animals from other species. And for very long time I have not thought that they are capable of doing it. And then another fascinate thing is that the animals fall in love with animals from other species like cat and duck, cat and horse, dog and cow, dog and goose etc. This got me really amazed when I saw the pictures and videos showing it.

I realize that this fascination comes from the point that I have been taught and told on multitude of occasions that animals are they are less than humans. But then looking at these videos on internet shows us that this is not true at all. The animals are intelligent and fully capable of loving and taking care of others. Obviously they do it in their own way and according to their capabilities but still love is love.

As I said I do not have animals at home but thanks to the internet I can see very interesting things about animals and how they behave. And this really fascinates me.

Thus if you have not see these videos yet, then try to find them and watch. Many of them are very funny but also amazing. And then evaluate you own beliefs which you hold in your mind about animals. And definitely stop regarding them as less than humans. They are not. As a matter of fact I would say that they are far more advanced in evolution than humans. They do not have cars, planes and computers but for me being able to make a computer is not a sign that somebody is highly evolved being and better than animals.


Written: 2014 - November - 22   Published: 2014 - December - 07      © Copyright 2014 - Greg Wiater