The great hero cannot exist without the great oppressor

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As you can see this is a very different approach to the whole point the films about heroes. Most of us watch the film and we awe and admire the hero and many of us wish to be like one of them. But unfortunately within this we miss a very important point that the hero is just a positive polarity to the oppressor who is the representation of the negative polarity. But neither of them can exist without the other. And thus if you desire to be a hero then it is required that somewhere in this world manifests itself an oppressor first. And only then you will be able to save people and be the hero. But that simply means that you are directly responsible for the suffering caused by the oppressor. You have manifested it and you have created it by your desire to be a hero.

Of course we cannot place all the blame on you because then we have other people have accepted the role of the victims and the oppressor/s. As I have written in the previous article nothing like this would happen if everybody would be aware and not allowed themselves to give their power away.

Here is one more important thing. The greatness of the hero is greater when he has to fight and then win greater enemy. He must do something really big to be admired and awed by the rest. So... the situation must get really bad because otherwise the hero would not be seen and appreciated. Can you see it ?

And here comes the question:

Why should we allow the situation to get really bad ?

Because you'll see... if you are fully aware then you see what is starting to manifest in your world then you have the choice to stop it and prevent it with relatively little effort. This is like a small seed. Once you know what kind of seed it is sprouting first roots in the ground then you know what kind of tree and how big it will be in the future. Thus you know the consequences and you can let this tree grow or dig it out or cut relatively easy. This is all common sense and logic. It becomes complicated only when you lose you awareness and clarity and you get possessed by your mind and ego. Then you become blind. You see things in front of you but at the same time you do not see them.

Thus next time you watch a film with the hero and you wish to be like him/her then stop and look what you are creating and manifesting in this world. And return immediately to your awareness. Use your breath to bring yourself back from your mind into your body. Look around and see what trees are growing around you and cut them or replant them if you see that they may cause problems in the future. Don't wait so that they grow big because then you will be able to show people how strong and great you are by cutting big trees. Do the small things and prevent the great suffering. It does not matter that nobody sees it. This will give you a lot of real satisfaction, happiness etc.


Written: 2014 - November - 10   Published: 2014 - November - 11      © Copyright 2014 - Greg Wiater