Creativity, innovations and fight for survivor

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

Though I have to say that we cannot discard completely the point that people come up - under stress - with brilliant innovations and solutions. We have seen it a lot. But is there a sense of creating "artificial" stress to get more inventions ?

We... YES and NO. The corporations, other organizations, smaller groups of people or individuals try to do it because they want to make more profit and thus they literally "force" people to be more "creative" by creating stressful and competitive environment. And thus we could say YES to our question.

But what about if we go the other way and we eliminate the stress and competition and create peaceful environment and then expect that people would be more creative ? Would it work ?

Again we have to answers... YES and NO.

Look... if we have individuals who are self-motivated and who have got their basic needs secured and on top of it they are being supported and they have resources to experiment with their innovations and test them then I am absolutely sure that we would have a lot of incredible inventions which would literally revolutionised this whole world very quickly. And so we have the YES to our question.

But if we take into consideration an individual who has got big ego then he is not going to be more creative in peaceful environment because he cannot compete, compare himself to others and prove his "self-imagined" and "self-believed" superiority. And our world at the current moment is full of individuals with ego and thus this point of creating an environment with artificially induced stress and competition validates the concept that it makes up more creative. But then those who have made this statement and defend it have also big ego and they cannot see beyond the limitation of the ego. They cannot see that their idea is only valid because they analyse the individuals with big ego.

Now... here is my personal experience with the creativity. In the last couple of years I have found myself in the situation when I have to fight for the survivor working long hours. I can see that I have come up with some inventions ( nothing big or significant ) but this not very enjoyable. I know for sure that I could come up with new things and new methods if I had my basic needs fully secured. I could be much more creative but unfortunately I am limited by the economic system and I know that there are many more people like me their brilliant ideas and innovations and they cannot make them real because they have no support and no resources.

Thus I am not supporting the idea that artificial stress and completion makes us more creative. If this is "natural" stress and the real need for something new then yes and we may come up also with some brilliant solutions, ideas and inventions. But otherwise I do not support artificial stress to provoke creativity. It actually causes a lot of harm in this world and many bitter consequences for all of us.

And thus this is one of the reasons why I support Living Income Guaranteed.


Written: 2014 - November - 04   Published: 2014 - November - 11      © Copyright 2014 - Greg Wiater