Pushing constantly the limits of abuse

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So what is the practical solution to our global problem ?

Well... the only obvious answer to it, is to change the whole global system. But this is not such any easy task to do. Well... at least for the human. Maybe our almighty god has the capacity to do it but as I have written on multitude of occasions in my articles this almighty god does not give a shit at all about what is happening here on earth at all or he simply does exist only in our mind and our imagination.

Thus the fact is that we ( humans ) are left on our own with our abusive system and if we don't change it ourselves than our future looks very bad for us. But there is a very important point in this regard. This system has been co-created by all of us and thus we must stop waiting for this one superman or Jesus who would save us and instead all of us must work on the change. But before we go ahead and try to change the things out there we must change ourselves.

Why ?

I know that this thing with saying that "you must change yourself first" may be already boring because I repeat it many times but this is how the things operate in this reality. Because what is the point of going out there and trying to change the whole global system if you continue to abuse yourself and others in your home. So you'll see... it is a logical explanation to the point of changing yourself first before you change out there. And apart from this when you change yourself first then the things out there in the global system will start to change and align themselves automatically. We will still require to do the things out there in the system but as is said we must identify within ourselves all of the points of abuse and correct them first.

Thus how do I identify the points of the abuse within myself if I regard myself as a good person and others confirm it by thinking of me that I am a saint ?

Well... this may not be so easy at first ( to identify the points of abuse within yourself ) because your belief that you are good person makes you kind of blind to see it. But - as with everything - if you practice regularly then you will become more proficient in it. If you really have problems with it then I recommend the Desteni I Process Course ( Lite and/or Pro ), which is really good with this topic.

And only once you can identify the points of abuse within yourself you will be able to gain the clarity to see that this world is not such a beautiful place at it is shown on TV and in the magazines with beautiful pictures but it is really saturated with the abuse around every corner. And only then you will be able to make an effective change in this world.

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Written: 2014 - October - 22   Published: 2014 - November - 09      © Copyright 2014 - Greg Wiater