Preventing sickness

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

You'll know... sickness does not come out of nowhere and it does not come suddenly. There may be some exemptions from this rule but I am not so sure about it. Anyway... most of the sicknesses are the result of relatively long time "creation" and they are always warning signs in your body before you get sick. One thing which is "sudden" is a shocking message from you doctor who tells you that you have serious sickness/disorder. But this is only because you have not listened to your body and you have ignored the warning signs. And instead of making the appropriate adjustments you have continued to put excessive stress on your body. And now you are faced with the message from the doctor saying that you are seriously sick and it seems as if that came out of nowhere.

In my last few articles I have mentioned that I have taken too many responsibilities on myself which goes along with extra load of seasonal work. And I already start to see and feel the consequences of it in my body. I start to feel that my digestion system is a little bit out of balance. But interestingly it is not because I do not give myself a proper nutrition. Not at all... it is actually the opposite. My diet is really good.

But you'll see... I have learned and realized already some time ago that the cause of the problem ( sickness ) in the body is - most of the time - not where the pain is. Thus I have noticed that my brain and my mind is working on excessively high revs ( like the revolutions in the car engine ). And this affects my digestive system. So what I tried to do today was to lower the revs and reduce the activity of the mind. You'll know... I continued to work ( quite a lot actually ) but interestingly I the symptoms in the digestive system have got reduced.

Obviously I must see whether this is not just temporary improvement but I am quite sure that there is a direct correlation between my brain working on excessively high revs and the weakness in the digestive system. In any case I am not going to wait and ignore the warnings. I am also not going to see the doctor because I know that I would get some pills which would only create more problems in my body. And this is simply because these pills would only treat the symptoms and not the cause. And I know the cause and the solution to my problem. Thus my plan is to reduce the amount of work and dedicate more time to myself and taking care of myself.

It is all simple... common sense and logic... And it will stay that way unless I ignore the warnings coming from my body and I allow the sickness to grow and get complicated.


Written: 2014 - October - 16   Published: 2014 - November - 09      © Copyright 2014 - Greg Wiater