Excessive work diverts my attention from world problems

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

My job and work is seasonal because I work mainly with the tourists. And thus I have periods of accumulation of excessive work. And I have to push a little bit my limits in these moments because then I can earn money for the quiet periods. I am not complaining about it. It is just the way it is at the moment and that's it. Though it is interesting to see what is happening with me and my mind in those moments.

Thus working long hours puts more stress on my physical body and I must eliminate from my list my other activities which are not priorities. And even if something is priority then I must also reduce my time involvement as much as I can. Thus for example I have stopped my training at the gym and I don't participate in the dance classes. I also reduced my participation in the activism ( changing world system with Living Income Guaranteed ) though I continue with my commitment to writing daily articles for the 7 years Journey To Life because this is one of the top priorities in my life right now ( ? well... now and for the next 4.5 years ). And my day is basically divided into work and then finding periods when I can have some rest in between because I really need it to be able to cope with the overload with work. Thus I do what I need to do and I have no problem with that. Obviously when I see that the load of work continues then I will make the necessary adjustments in my work routine because I cannot continue to put so much stress on my body for prolonged period of time.

Thus at the moment my physical body is put under more stress. And here it is interesting to see what is happening within my mind. Right now I am focused on my work and having rest whenever I can. But this takes my attention from the world problems and my activism. I understand that in my case this is temporary and I should get back relatively soon to my normal routine.

But you'll see... there are people who continue this crazy lifestyle with working all the time over the "healthy limits" and thus they are continuously not following what is really happening in this world just because they have no time and no energy for it. Obviously this is their choice and they will pay consequences for it. But the problem is that unfortunately there are billions people like this in this world and so many people don't give shit about what is happening here. So it is not that they will pay the consequences for it. It is that everybody else will also pay for it because we are all creating this reality.

To be continued...


Written: 2014 - October - 14   Published: 2014 - November - 09      © Copyright 2014 - Greg Wiater