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I am catching up with posting online my articles.

Knowing what you want to do in your life and then doing it is a really cool thing. You'll know... you develop, you expand and you grow through doing things, which you like and which you want to do. And it is not easy to achieve something like this in the current system because we have forced ourselves into the situation when we must do jobs, which we hate simply because we need money.

I got myself into the fortunate situation when I actually can do things which I enjoy and which I want to do. It is not that I am mega rich and I don't have to work. No... I do work but I do what I enjoy to do and at the same time I have time to do other things which also interest me.

But there is one little problem here... I want to do many things ( learn and experience many things ) and now I see that I have not planned it correctly and I find myself in the situation when I have couple of opened projects and few other ones waiting in the queue but I have no time to do them all. Sometimes I am doing fine and I am moving forward fast but then there comes a moment when I am overwhelmed and physically exhausted and I have to stop everything. And instead of enjoying the things which I like to do in the first place I am living under stress that I cannot finish them. And it is not so much about bad time management because I have already optimized utilization of my available time. It is simply that our body has a certain limit and I am already there trying to push those limits. But this is not so good for the health. And I see that my body has been telling me already for some time that I must slow down.

The good thing within this is that I am not ignoring what my body is telling me. I listen to it and I make necessary adjustments and corrections. And so I do not accept any more responsibilities in my life until I finish my open projects and I get everything in place and balanced. Of course I will not give up on the things which I want to do and experience in my life but I will make a better plan of how to achieve them and have more fun with it rather than being under stress.


Written: 2014 - October - 09   Published: 2014 - November - 08      © Copyright 2014 - Greg Wiater