About compromises in the relationships

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

So... I have heard many times that being in the relationship requires mastering the subject of compromises. But personally I never liked. And maybe this is the reason why I have spent most of my life on my own.

But you'll know what ?

I have tried to go on the compromises in my relationships couple of times and it has not ended up too good. I was also at the point when I believed that I met my soulmate and I allowed myself to go on compromises. It ended up in disaster !!! And then I repeated the same thing with my friends, family etc. and it always ended up fucked up. So here are couple of questions:

Is it me who is too difficult and too demanding ?
Do I have bad luck with my relationships, friends and family ?
Or maybe I do not know how to compromise and I should learn it better ?

You'll see... I have got to the point of trusting myself and I have realized that my thing about not going on compromises is actually very good.

How can I be so sure about it ?

Well... look at this. I have been aligning myself to the principle of what is best for all already for many years. And thus if I am leaving the principle of what is best for all then there is no need to go on compromise in the relationship or within the family. Yes... I had moments of confrontation with my family and with my best friends. And I have been called an egoist. And they got angry with me. But the things is that not everybody can grasp easy and instantly the idea of what is best for all because we have been taught and we have lived all our lives according to the tradition and social standards, which quite often are based on the principle of what is best for me or a group of people ( e.g. family, friends or whole nations ). And in the moment of facing principle of what is best for all we are afraid because it is something new and unknown.

Anyway... once you decide to live the principle of what is best for all then there is no need for compromise. This is very simple. There is really no sense in explaining it more because you won't understand it anyway unless you live it practically as yourself.


Written: 2014 - October - 02   Published: 2014 - November - 07      © Copyright 2014 - Greg Wiater