What would you do if you had money and time ?

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

I said in the previous article that basically we should stop wishing, hoping and thinking about being rich and having enough free time because according to the statistics our odds are not at all in our favor. Yes... there are those who are lucky and who win the jackpot at the lottery but this is only 1 person in millions of people. And then those who organize the lottery use the marketing tricks and make people believe that their odds are bigger than they are in reality. This is a typical thing with beliefs in our minds. We either create them ourselves or we allow others to place them in there through manipulation and lie. In any case this belief makes us blind to see the facts of the reality even though they are in front of our eyes and then we are also capable of fighting furiously against those who would try to show us that this belief is not real.

So let's go back to our topic about "what would you do with your life if you had money and time ?"...

Should we really look a the statistics and simply give up on our dreams ?

Many people say that even though their dreams will never come true it is nice to have them and they justify them that this little hope gives them some strength to cope with the hardship of the everyday life.

Well... you can live your life like this but in the end you are not much better then the rest of people because you are struggling to survive like everybody else.

So let's answer our question about giving up on our dreams.

Yes... even though it is difficult to accept it, it is better to stop dreaming and wishing about being rich. I say it again... the odds of having sufficient money free time in the current system are very minimal.

But you'll know... there is nobody who really stops us from creating a new system in which the odds would be much, much higher.

Yes... why not create a new system !!!! ????

Don't tell me that it is not possible !!!

It is bullshit !!!

As a matter of fact the odds for creating a new system are much higher than the odds of fulfilling your dreams in the current system. As a matter of fact the new system where for example everybody has enough food and has secured all the basic survival needs could be implemented within the period of less then 10 years. Maybe this could be even possible to achieve within the period of one term of 1 president in the office ( about 5 years ).

Logistically this is very possible. But the problem is with people themselves - including those who starve. Yes... there are many people who believe that this is not possible. But this is not all. There are many people who are severely brainwashed and they would literally fight and try to destroy those who would dare to present and try to implement this new system. I am not joking. This is our reality and this is the main reason why our system doesn't change despite the fact that so many people suffer. And all that we do is hoping, wishing and having beautiful thoughts in the mind about "how nice it would be to be rich".

So... you don't have to give up on your dreams. And you don't have to hope that they will come true one day. You can actually make them real. But there is a condition. We must change the system. And this "we" includes also you. You must act. You must change yourself. Otherwise you will end up like the rest of the people around you and the odds are like 116,531,799 to 116,531,800.

Living Income Guaranteed is the proposal of a new system. Investigate it and support it. This is your chance. This is our chance.

To be continued...


Written: 2014 - October - 01   Published: 2014 - November - 07      © Copyright 2014 - Greg Wiater