What would you do if you had money and time ?

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

Another way to get rich is to have a business. But the thing with running the business is that you must give it a lot of your attention and effort and then you are left with little free time for yourself. Maybe your business has something to do with your passion and then it does not matter that you work 20 hours a day but usually you have to fight for the survival on the competitive capitalistic market and you do things for money which is the main objective and motivation factor behind your activities. Thus basically you prostitute yourself although you are not a prostitute according to the common definition from the dictionary. Apart from this while doing your business you must deal with "brainless" people who also do things just because of money ( more prostitutes ). Thus having a job/business, which gives you reliable income and at the same time you have enough free time for yourself is almost like winning a jackpot on the lottery.

So you'll see... asking question about what would you do with your life if you had money and time has no really any sense in it. I know that most of us wish and think about it very often but the fact of this reality is 1 in 116mln ( Euro-Millions Lottery ). As I said there are ways to increase the odds but even then you may not achieve your goal within your lifetime. And thus basically we should stop wasting time on wishing, hoping and thinking about being rich.

Now... all what I am talking about here is absolutely true. Look around yourself. Read the news. Look at the statistics. We have around 1 billion of people who are not getting proper nutrition and many of them starve to death. And majority of them wish to be rich and have money. Probably majority of them pray to god. And then we also have many other people also pray for those who starve. But as you can see it doesn't work either. If we look at this closely - from the scientific point of view - we may notice that we have some billions of people who put a lot of effort, energy, money ( priests, temples, churches ) etc. into prayers and making it possible to pray but still the prayers don't work. And now when I write about I think that if we dedicated all the efforts and resources, which are being used for praying and making it possible to pray, into helping those who starve we would be able to reduce this problem by a big percentage if not completely.

To be continued...


Written: 2014 - September - 30   Published: 2014 - November - 07      © Copyright 2014 - Greg Wiater