How to do good things and make yourself enemies ?

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Why ?

It is because he is not aware that he is being possessed and controlled by a mind program and he believes and is convinced with all his "heart" that this is his true self. Or without going so deep into saying his true self he will describe himself that he is the way he is and he cannot change it. And although he is pissing you off and making you angry you always have some kind of connection. For example we could say that you have common responsibilities like family, children, work, house, car or because you really "love" this person etc. but in the end this is only superficial connection. And these superficial connections are your excuses to not break up within this person but simply to cope with it in such a way that: you get angry, then he gets angry with you that you get angry about some silly and insignificant things ( because that is how he is going to interpret his behaviour ), then you let this anger dissipate ( suppression ) and you find "peace" with the other person. And this circle repeats itself time after time.

Remember that unless you really investigate and look at what it is all about and what is behind this anger ( which is your unconscious and subconscious program ) then your peace is only temporary and superficial and your suppressed anger accumulates and so you get pissed off easier and easier and the explosions of anger are every time more violent. And then we can have a situation when you get really angry and aggressive just because the other person has left the light on, has not closed the door properly or basically just the presence of the other person makes you want to scream or you may even have thoughts of killing the other person. And it is just because the pressure from the suppressed anger is unbearable. You are not aware of it but the explosions of anger give you at lest some relief.

Now... the story is different when you start to change for real. You become aware of your program and you stop participating in it. Obviously this change within you affects automatically the other person because he is co-creator and part of the subconscious program and then he has a real chance to look at WTF is going on in there and also change himself. But if he does not take advantage of this opportunity and he does not want to change then you become enemy number one on his list. As I said he may not like it that you are breaking your agreement with him and that is why he will get really pissed off with you.

To be continued...


Written: 2014 - September - 27   Published: 2014 - November - 07      © Copyright 2014 - Greg Wiater