How to do good things and make yourself enemies ?

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

Let's say that you live with your family but you do not want to conform with the tradition and you don't want to follow the rules and beliefs of the society or the majority people. You are searching for something else. And you decide to change yourself for real.

When I am talking about changing for real it is not like you move out to another country and you cut off contact with your family and friends. This is more like running away and trying to hide from the problems. Thus you decide to change yourself by investigating how you have co-created your current life and how you got involved into your relationships, friendships and all the shit that goes with it by accepting and creating within your own mind various beliefs, patterns etc.

So you start step by step identifying all the points where you subconsciously and unconsciously give your energy and power away ( and so you create something in your life ) and then you start changing it. These could be "small and insignificant" things in your behaviour, words, posture, body language etc. but yet these small changes are real and so you start to change.

Now... we must be aware that the moment somebody starts to change then immediately this affects all of those who are involved into co-creation with this person. By co-creation I mean the simple and most obvious things which are part of our daily life. You'll know... once you live with other people under one roof all of you participate in the co-creation of the system so that this whole house and the family functions somehow.

So you start to change yourself. For example you stop getting angry with other people and blaming them for pissing you off because you realize that the point of anger was the result of unresolved issues within you. And now you start to work on solving this issue in you and so you have no more reason to get angry.

And this is cool but we must remember one thing that before the change there was you who was getting angry and there was somebody else who was provoking you and "pissing you off". And now you have changed but the other person still has the desire inside of him to continue to piss you off. But you don't react anymore to the provocations because you have already changed yourself. So in this moment you kind of break your subconscious and/or unconscious agreement with the other person that you will react to his/her provocations. And this person may not really like it.

Why ?

To be continued...


Written: 2014 - September - 26   Published: 2014 - November - 07      © Copyright 2014 - Greg Wiater