7 YRS PROCESS - DAY 892 - Taking sides - friends and family - PART 2


Taking sides - friends and family

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

Thus from the point of ego you will calculate within your mind what is best for you and because you think that you may benefit more by keeping quiet and standing on the side of your friend rather then speaking up and destroying your friendship then obviously you will choose the first option.

But once you change the chip within our head and realise that we are one family ( the whole humanity, animals, insect and all the beings ) instead of small circle of few people then everything changes drastically because then all is easy. Actually it may not all seem difficult but this is only your ego in action and you will realize it with some time and practice. Thus once you accept and realize that everybody is your family then you should not have more dilemmas of whether you should keep quiet or speak up because then you do what is best for all. And if that means that you must speak up then you do so. You may loose your friendship or your relationship but this best for all.

You'll know... the funny thing about the "best for all" is that this is the best you can do ever. It does not look like it... but it is. It is best for you and it is best for all. Obviously your ego cannot comprehend and it rejects completely. Thus when you chose the best for you from the perspective of ego and you support your friend or partner doing unethical things then you are participating in it and you are equally responsible for. You will gain something in the short run but in the long run you will loose big time. If you are lucky you will realize it in this lifetime and you will have the opportunity to start changing yourself and this world. If you are not lucky you will realize it in the afterlife in your life review. In any case... whether you do it here or there you will regret it. I guarantee you this...

I repeat again... best for all is also best for you. This is not questionable. It is simple mathematics... 1+1=2... So start living the principle what is best for all in every moment of your life right now. It does not matter that nobody around you does it. You are doing what is best for all and that is all that matters. When you do so you are living your utter potential and this will give you the best satisfaction. If you don't understand it now completely then you will see it one day - either here on earth or there in the afterlife. This is all common sense and logic and mathematics.


Written: 2014 - September - 24   Published: 2014 - November - 07      © Copyright 2014 - Greg Wiater