Getting used to the abuse

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

I could give many more examples about how we abuse ourselves without be aware that we actually do. But there is no need to do so. It is more important that everybody identifies the points in their life where they abuse themselves and make the correction. I know that it may not be so easy because through various believes, excuses etc. which we have formed and accepted in our mind, we make ourselves literally blind because we have these things in front of our eyes but yet we don't see them.

And so... we live like this quite often all our life without realizing it. Obviously we pay consequences for it in different form ( e.g. sickness, pain, light or permanent injury or even death ) until we get lucky enough and some shocking and painful experience makes us to see for a moment clearly what we do and what we accept and in these moments we have the chance to change things. Of course it is not necessary to wait until the pain "opens" our eyes but unfortunately this is the way which majority of humans walks in this moment. In the end it is all our self choice just like the abuse is also our self choice.

So... let's try to identify self abuse in my own life.

Thus I have realised that I abuse myself trough excessive work on the computer. Not so much the games but definitely working tool long and pushing the limits.

Now... the correction which I have been applying since last few days is that I set myself a limit of hours which I can work on the computer and this depends on my tiredness and amount of my normal work with the massages and then I plan what I will do within that time. So far I see that this way of approaching my work on the computer is much more effective. Before I let my computer be turned on almost all the time when I am at home and I was sitting there quite often senselessly and literally wasting time and getting tire while now I make clear for myself what needs to be done, what is the priority and then I do it. The only challenge within this is to keep the discipline. But it all depends on me. There is nobody there to be blamed if I don't stick with my plan.

And so this is a recipe !!!!!!!!!!????? for successful change within myself and stopping the self abuse.


Written: 2014 - September - 19   Published: 2014 - November - 07      © Copyright 2014 - Greg Wiater