Getting used to the abuse

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Another example of the abuse is getting drunk. Thus let's say that you that you decide to make some changes in your life and you decide to not drink so much like you used to do before. And so you are at the party and decided to drink but put yourself a limit of 4 drinks for example. So you get a little bit of the "fun feeling" from alcohol but you don't "loose the film", you don't vomit and you know that you won't have strong hangover. The next day you are having only little symptoms of the hangover and you are really proud of yourself that you are handling it much better than other people. You know that this is happening because your body got used to the heavy drinking of alcohol in the past and now this couple of drinks that you had last night is really nothing.

But let's go back in the time to the moment when you had your first alcoholic drink.

Do you remember what was your reaction to drinking it ?

As far as I know there is nobody who would be really ecstatic about drinking alcohol. The normal reaction of the body is that it doesn't like it. But due to our education system and social norms and social pressure ( of friends etc. ) we force and push ourselves to drink it. And later with the time we get used to it.

But you'll see... within this we miss a very important point. This moment of forcing ourselves to drink alcohol despite our instinct to not drink it we abuse ourselves. Later we get used to the abuse and accept it a social norm and as something normal. And thus even if you are so proud of yourself and you tell everybody around that you are handling the few drinks really well ( due to your past experience in drinking ) you are abusing yourself.

Now... another important point...

There are many who come within their life from a point when they ignored ( usually as teenagers ) the natural instinct of their body to not drink alcohol to the point where they cannot live without alcohol. It is point of addiction and total self abuse. But don't think that you are better because you handle and control alcohol better than them. Abuse is abuse and you are also committing self abuse.

To be continued...


Written: 2014 - September - 17   Published: 2014 - November - 07      © Copyright 2014 - Greg Wiater