Returning cancer

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2. The second reason why I know that my "treatment" would help him is because I usually work in such a way that I personally do for people only this what is really necessary and apart from this I tell them what they need to do at home themselves. You'll see... doing homework starts a certain mechanism ( self healing mechanism ) within the patient because undeniable fact of the existence is that nobody can really help us, save us and heal us - even the almighty god himself. We are the ultimate creators and we are creating our sickness and disease.

So the patient - by doing homework - starts to move himself from within himself ( self-movement ) and he starts the self healing which is completely different to the approach of most of our doctors when they try to do everything for you ( so that you don't have to do literally anything ) and they simply charge you a lot of money for their services. So this type of approach to the healing is the contrary to the self-movement and self-healing.

Apart from it this way of dealing with people shows them that they can do certain things themselves to get healed and then it helps them to realize eventually that they are directly responsible for the shit which they are facing in the form of cancer.

Obviously those who are rich in this world are used to expect and demand the best possible service because they have money to pay for it. But this is their greatest mistake and trap because they completely miss the point that they are responsible for the problem ( e.g. cancer ) and they deny to do anything on their own. They'd rather find somebody else who will promise them that s/he will do everything for them even though it would cost them a fortune. Yes... for big majority of the rich people it is easier to pay a fortune to the doctor rather than to do something from within ( self-movement ). Only if they are fortunate to lose all the money so that they cannot pay anymore for the services of the doctors and they still want to live ( otherwise the suicide option is quite popular here ) then they have a possibility to wake up and realize that they must do all the work themselves.

And so this is the case of my friend who has return of the cancer. He has a lot of money and thus he expects others to do everything for him. And doing something from within is the last ( or it is not even there ) thing on the list with his priorities.

Thus you'll see... my task as a therapist is to support people in the self-healing. I have experience and I share it with my patients so that they can do the whole process faster. I do certain things for them ( usually in the beginning ) but I try to do as least as possible. Not because I don't want to do but because this is how the real healing functions.


Written: 2014 - September - 14   Published: 2014 - November - 07      © Copyright 2014 - Greg Wiater