Returning cancer

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

Also another thing... this friend of mine is very rich and last time when he had cancer he paid a lot of money for some really exotic therapy with the serum ( or something like this ) extracted from scorpion. We can see now that money and the scorpion did not help him either.

Now... this whole story is really interesting as I am very much into the natural therapies and medicine. And although I did not treat anybody with this disease I have read and heard many stories about people who managed to "beat" the cancer just with natural remedies etc. and what is more important is that I know personally couple of therapists who have great successes with helping people who have and had cancers.

Anyway I talked to my friend and I proposed him that I could assist him with natural medicine. But I did not mean to get onto treating the cancer. No... no... no... He was following the chemotherapy treatment from the doctors and I was suggesting that I will help him to assist in cleaning his body from the toxins. Well... he was not interested. As I have written above he believed more in the power of the money and the chemotherapy. And now we see clearly that this did not work. But here is the question:

How do I know that my "treatment" would work ?

1. Well... after seeing what he eats and drinks and the lifestyle the he has I knew with 100% certainty that I could help him at least something but at the same time I know that I could help him a lot especially taking into consideration that I would also put him in contact with people who have much more direct experience with people with cancer.

To be continued...


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