One for all and all for one

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

So... I am a massage therapist and practitioner of natural medicine. Obviously I get to see people with various problems ( e.g. neck pain, back pain etc. ). And what I have realized is that once I treat people and I help them then I also feel better and stronger. Although I felt something in my body right from the beginning of my practice it took me many years to finally realize that this is related to the this point that we ( all humanity and the whole existence ) are all connected and once we help somebody then it also helps the whole existence.

But this also works the opposite way. If we make others to suffer and get weak then we also do it to ourselves. If we are disconnected with ourselves and if we live in our mind and ego then we may not be fully aware of this point. Thus for example becoming rich by taking advantage of others will give us the sensation of happiness but the fact is that once we make others struggle to survive, suffer etc. will weaken the whole existence. We must understand that the happiness from becoming rich is based on energetic high but it carries within it the essence of abuse and thus it is only temporary or we should rather say that it is only an illusion of happiness.

But I can also see this thing with weakening myself by making others weak in my practice as a therapist. It happened to me on couple of occasions that I did something which has caused more blockages in the body of my patient ( for example I pushed a bone or a muscle in the wrong direction ) and I could immediately feel that I am not good myself together with the patient. In the beginning of my practice I did not know how to handle it but the fact is that making others weak makes me also weak. And then we can also apply it to the whole existence.

So here we are. Here is the answer why you should bother to do things to make others "better and stronger". You are not doing it only for them. You are also doing it for yourself. If you are doing things to make better and stronger only yourself and you take advantage of others then your strength and happiness is not going to last for long. You may do things to suppress and deny this fact by trying to find more and more happiness ( or rather illusion of happiness ) by accumulating more money, taking drugs, alcohol etc. but in the end it all makes you and the whole existence weak.

So I recommend that you do things which are best for all because what is best for all is also best for one. And so... all for one and one for all.


Written: 2014 - September - 10   Published: 2014 - November - 06      © Copyright 2014 - Greg Wiater