Placing the blame on the Satan

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

So we have been taught to put the blame on the Satan ( or Devil or Evil ). As a matter of fact if we don't involve the Satan then we find somebody else to blame like wife, husband, parents, government, neighbor etc. This is simply our tendency to not take personally the responsibility for the matters but simply play the role of an innocent or helpless victim and blame somebody else ( e.g. Satan ) for our deeds.

But yet the question is whether the Satan is completely innocent ? Because we could come to this conclusion after saying that people blame him for all the bad things which happen in this world instead of taking personal responsibility.

Well... Satan, Devil, demons etc. are just another being. They live their lives and they do their "shit". There are known cases when they did manage to possess other beings, "enter" their bodies and for example kill somebody or do some other shit. So YES... they are to be "blamed" for it and they are directly responsible for it. But at the same time we should ask:

"Why did somebody allow himself/herself to be possessed by another being ( e.g. Satan ) ?"

So it is not just the Satan to be blamed and being held responsible but also the person who allowed himself/herself to be possessed.

Another important point here is that on many occasions "the shit" was done by the people who have allowed themselves to fall for the trap of temptation being set up by the Satan. But in the end it is them who acted and committed the "sin" and thus these people should be directly held responsible for the deeds they did instead of praying to god for mercy because: "I am just a powerless and helpless human who was the victim to the nasty Satan".

So the ultimate point here is that we should take absolute responsibility for what we do. We should also be aware of who we are and live in absolute awareness in every moment because then it is impossible to fall for the temptations or being possessed by anybody ( even the Satan, Devil, demons or even all of them together ).

Now... I realize that this article about the devil may seem to be very childish and silly. But yet talking to the people ( especially religious ) made me realize that they hold in their minds very silly beliefs about god and the devil and simply this requires correction. And so I have decided to write something about it.


Written: 2014 - September - 08   Published: 2014 - November - 06      © Copyright 2014 - Greg Wiater