Is hell for Satan a paradise ?

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

In the last couple of days I had occasion to speak with a catholic priest and talking to such a person it is almost impossible to not come across the topic of Jesus and Satan ( and the religion in general ). And these conversations made me to think more than usual about the person of a Satan. And then I've come up with this funny and stupid yet very interesting question...

You'll know... the Satan is in hell and he gets there all the bad people who did not manage to get to heaven or at least to this place where people have the last chance to confess their sins and wait for the mercy of the almighty god to allow them to enter the paradise. So this Satan is in the hell. He is the king of the hell. He has got some servants or friends like for example Lucifer or Devil. He is untouchable there even for the almighty god and I guess that he does what he wants in there. So my question is:

Is the hell for Satan like the paradise for us ? I mean... is the hell like a place of eternal happiness for him ?

As you can see it is a silly question. And probably you have never thought about the hell and Satan in this way. But yet you'll see... this question and the answer to it can be extremely important.

Because if Satan is really happy in his hell then we could look at the whole concept of hell and the paradise like the Chinese symbol representing Ying and Yang. And so according to the meaning of this symbol the white element ( polarity ) has always in it a certain ( small ) portion of the black element and vice versa. And thus the happiness of the Satan of doing what he likes is representation of the small white element within the big black half. So we could deduct from it that the heaven ( paradise ) has also an element of the black ( negativity ).

And that all means that hell is not always as bad as we think - maybe because eventually someone may get used to the heat and the eternal suffering and maybe because s/he may become friend with the devil. And on the opposite we should realise now that heaven is not the place of eternal happiness as we are being told in the bible and by the church and there is also suffering in the paradise.

Now... is it really that important to talk about this silly question and such an important and crucial answer to this question ?

Yes... it is. Because we should start to not take things for granted and instead we should question everything in this world simply because there is a lot of bullshit in this world. And we only find out after our death that we have wasted our whole life believing in this bullshit and quite often we caused a lot of pain and suffering to ourselves and others around us because of these beliefs. Another example of the bullshit here is that if you blow yourself and kill some Christians then you will go to heaven where you will be rewarded with 40 virgins. These virgins will lose their virginity after you have sex with them and then you will have to live for eternity with 40 women who will be no virgins anymore.


Written: 2014 - September - 06   Published: 2014 - November - 04      © Copyright 2014 - Greg Wiater