We do not need to suffer so much with pain

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

Not so long ago I had another client who came to see me because of the neck pain. And indeed he had a neck pain but when I started to investigate his body I discovered that this is not just the neck pain. I started to ask more questions and I found out that he has problems with the shoulder, with headaches, with dizziness, that he has problems with syncope ( sudden loss of consciousness ) and few other problems. Then I was told that he has been suffering with pains for many months and the doctors don't know where the cause of the problem is. Of course the doctors have done all sorts of tests with the new hi-tech equipment ( e.g. magnetic resonance etc. ) but yet this did not help to diagnose the problem. And one of the other important thing is that my client was already preparing himself for the shoulder operation because he has had a lot of pain for months and he could not lift up the shoulder beyond certain degree ( less than 90 degrees ).

My client came to me to get a massage because massage treatments was giving him at least some relief from pain for about 1-3 days. But he did not expect that he will receive a nice surprise.

Now... I do not have hi-tech equipment. I only use my hands and common sense. I work with the basic fundamentals and physics of the body and 2 weeks later my client has almost no pain in the neck. He has also full range of motion in the shoulder and he feels much, much better in general.

And this whole story with my client is just another confirmation that we do not need to suffer so much. I do not talk only about the pains in the body like neck or shoulder pain. If we really used common sense and logic, if we applied practically the basic fundaments of physics, mathematics, science etc. we could easily correct many problems in our bodies as well as whole world, which cause us pain and suffering.

And we do not really need huge amount of money or some expensive hi-tech equipment or somebody with super powers like superman, Jesus or almighty god. I have seen it, I have tested it and I have proven it on multitude of occasions. We really need to apply basic principles of life and common sense and logic.

To be continued...


Written: 2014 - September - 04   Published: 2014 - November - 06      © Copyright 2014 - Greg Wiater