Praying to the saints

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

As you probably know from my articles I was raised in the catholic family and as a child I was going regularly to the church and making my prayers to god, holy ghost and some saints. But then at some point I have decided to leave the church and the catholic religion and I started to study and investigate the world of mediation and spirituality. And I continue to do it still many years after I started and I have no plans whatsoever to go back to the church. It is that catholic religion does not give me accurate explanation of how this world functions and is asking me to take things for granted and not question them. And I don't like it like this.

Anyway this my life and you do with your beliefs whatever you want.

Now... lately I have been observing a group of my friends who not so much into the catholic religion but yet they celebrate the days of the saints and they pray to them in their own way. But I like to question things in life and thus I am asking myself:

1. How the fuck do we know that those saints want that we pray to them ? Because look at this... let's say that somebody puts into his head an idea that you are saint or that you are specially blessed by god and they come every day to you and pray in front you your house. But you want to have your peaceful life instead of to be nagged all the time by the people who want that you help them. It is a little bit similar to the situation with the obsessed fans and the celebrities who cannot go out into the public places without being almost harassed. WTF ! The saints have never told us to pray to them. And we can also take an example of one of the latest saints ( the pope Jean Paul II ). He never told us to pray to him. Now he died, we have declared him a saint and people pray to him. WTF ?

2. How do we know that they have power to help us ? Because if the almighty god himself is helpless then why do get the idea that the saints are going to help us ?

One more point... if certain people have achieved something remarkable in this world it was because they worked it with their hands. I know that you have different beliefs in your mind but the fact is that even Jesus was saying that all that he does is nothing remarkable and that others can do it as well.

So my suggestion is to leave all the saints in peace and learn how to regain your personal power. And once you do it you will have no need to pray to god or saints because you will do everything ( healing etc. ) yourself.


Written: 2014 - August - 31   Published: 2014 - November - 04      © Copyright 2014 - Greg Wiater