Living away from civilization

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

This has happened already on multitude of times. Look at the history of our world. Look what happened with the Indians, Aborigines etc. We came with guns, believing that we are superior to them and that god is on our side and we annihilated them. We destroyed their houses and their habitat and they could do nothing about it.

So you'll see... you have no guarantee that the same will not happen to you. When it comes to the moment when somebody rich or the government will decide to do something in a place where you live then they will do it. And if you try to demonstrate and fight them then you may even/at least end up in jail.

As I said before our current system is abusive in nature. But yet we allow that it grows, accelerates and goes forward because it has gained already a lot of momentum. Your decision about getting out of it and leaving somewhere far away from it shows that you have already realized it for yourself and you don't want to participate in it. And this is cool ( your realization )...

But what about if instead of running away and hiding from it, you would stand up actively and started to create a new system, which would be best for all so that neither you nor anybody had to run away from it ?

I know that that you may think of yourself that you are small and insignificant. But you'll see... this is just your limiting thought because you are shaping and creating this whole world continuously every day. Your every thought, action, non-action, decision etc. is having an impact on the whole world and once you start changing yourself you start changing the whole world. Thus stop abuse within yourself and stop abusing others and then there will be less abuse in the whole world. Don't run and don't hide from the system in the search for peace and happiness. I guarantee you that you will find much more peace and satisfaction once you stand up to the system, once you find you personal power and start creating system which is best for all.


Written: 2014 - August - 17   Published: 2014 - November - 03      © Copyright 2014 - Greg Wiater