We are being manipulated by government and...

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

So you'll know... it is very important to cross-reference the information. There are things which we will never know for sure because those who did it ( government and those who are in power but keep hidden ) keep it secret and destroyed all the evidence but yet some things can be relatively easily predicted and concluded with the logic.

I have investigated this topic for some years now and I saw when I went too much off the track by believing some fairy tales which I have found on internet. But then I have learned ( in the situation of lack of clear evidence ) to discern with logic what is possibly possible to be done by the "government and company". And you can do the same. Observe yourself and people around you. All what they are doing ( cheating, lying, stealing, killing, abusing, manipulating, controlling etc. ) is being done by the government ( or rather people in the government ) and the difference is that they have resources and power, they are protected by laws and lawyers and they do it on the big scale.

I know that it is really fucked up that we have a government like this but at the same time we should not judge this people. As I said before they are not doing anything different than many normal people.

So what is the solution ?

General strikes, demonstrations, fighting against the government ?

Well... sometimes people succeed and they force the government to abdicate but the history shows us that this usually does not change much for better. One of the reasons for it is that new people who are voted into the government do the same shit as the others before them. And the main reason why not much changes after the revolution is that there are people who keep power in their hands ( money etc. ) but they stay behind the curtains and they continue doing their evil plans. So it is a matter of time when they get back into the position when they are pulling the strings as they like. I have no prove that the Illuminati Group is for real. But if I use the logic then I know that this is very possible.

To be continued...


Written: 2014 - August - 13   Published: 2014 - November - 03      © Copyright 2014 - Greg Wiater