We are being manipulated by government and...

I am catching up with posting online my articles.

Thus because we cannot get an official and honest explanation from the government itself then we are left with internet and what people share in there from personal experience etc. And as I mentioned already above there is plenty of information about it on internet.

But how do we know that this information is reliable ?

Well... we cannot be sure that all that is out there is true. First reason for it is the so called communication noise. I remember from school when we were doing a practical group exercise in which we were sat in circle and first person told the next one whispering into the ear a short sentence. And then the 2nd person told what s/he heard and understood to the 3rd person etc. The rule was that it was not allowed to repeat the sentence and thus if you did not get clear message then you had to make up and invent something which you thought was the original message whispered into your ear. And then the last person in the circle had to say loud what s/he heard. Every time we did this exercise in the class we had a good laugh because what the last person was saying was far away from the original message. And although this was the game in the class this problem with the communication noise happens in daily life. Somebody tells another person his/her story ( or interpretation of the original story ) and then the next person tells it further with the personal interpretation and perception and then at the end we have incredible fairly tale or science fiction story. You'll know... everybody in the group had good intentions to communicate as clearly as possible but unfortunately the good intentions were not enough.

So this is the first main reason why we cannot take everything for real what we read and see on internet. But it is not just about the written or spoken words. These days many people know how to use photo and image editing computer programs and they can make very realistically looking pictures, which later other people take for real and make their own stories about it.

Now... the second reason why we cannot be sure that everything out there on internet, TV, newspapers etc. is true is for the simple reason that those ( government and not only ) who try to manipulate and control people, put a lot of fake and controversial information to keep people confused and make it difficult to discern whether something is real or not. You'll know... those who try to control and manipulate you don't want you to know everything and that is why they will do anything to keep you misinformed and confused because otherwise you would do something about it already long time ago and they would go to "hell".

To be continued...


Written: 2014 - August - 12   Published: 2014 - November - 03      © Copyright 2014 - Greg Wiater